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SystemLink messages crash cRIO on startup

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I have Systemlink that will be communicating with cRIO with tags and messages. I have the message running in the development environment no problems.


When I try to build an rt exe for start up I get Error 1502 occurs when the Application Builder attempts to load VI dependencies or block diagrams due to a weak link to certain required components. This is occurring on "NI Skyline Message.lvclass:Publish".


To work around this I enable debugging when building the exe, the allows me to create and set a startup exe.


Now the cRIO to crash at startup with LED flashing 4 times. This means the software has crashed twice without rebooting or cycling power between crashes. This usually occurs when the chassis runs out of memory. Review your RT VI and check the memory usage. Modify the VI as necessary to solve the memory usage issue.


Attached are the error logs from the cRIO, for development I am using LV 2019 SP1 f3.


Any advice where to go from here?



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What version of the "LabVIEW SystemLink Toolkit" do you have installed.  The latest version is 2020 R3 (20.5), which I would recommend upgrading to if you aren't using a recent version.


How did you setup the target?  Did you install the SystemLink 19.x Image, use a cRIO 19.x Recommended Software Set, or a more recent NI Linux RT System Image? From the error it seems that you may not have the SystemLink Client installed on your target or it isn't compatible with the version of the LV System API you are trying to use.


My recommendation would be to set the target up using the NI Linux RT System Image 20.5, which should install with NI CompactRIO 20.5 on your host.  When you install the image initially from MAX, it will give you the option of using it with LV 2019, 2020, or NXG so it should be compatible with your current development environment.  The huge benefit of using the newer 20.x system images is that they enable installing software from both MAX and SystemLink and they include the SystemLink Client out of the box.

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Hi Joshua,


Thanks for taking a look at this for me.


I had installed the systemlink image from systemlink on the cRIO. I looked everywhere how to install the systemlink client on the cRIO since all the documentation said it need to be installed separately, eventually I assumed it had been rolled into the new image because it was working in Systemlink as a device and sending messages in the development environment.


In short yes I am using the Linux RT system image 20.5 with LV 2019 selected, cRIO installed software list attached. I have ver 2020 R3 for the systemlink toolkit installed.


I also formatted the cRIO and reinstalled it to make sure.


Thanks again for working through this with me.

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Which cRIO are you using?  

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I started writing another driver module today and just found out that NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen can't be installed with NI Linux RT System Image 20.5.


All these version compatibility issues are taking a lot of time to work around, I'm using LabVIEW 2019 because the OPC UA Toolkit is not supported in LV 2020.


Can you recommend the best software versions to install on the cRIO-9053. I need the following software:


NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen

OPC UA Toolkit

RIO Scan engine

SystemLink Client (Messages, Tags, files)

LabVIEW (using DCAF)





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Sorry you keep running into all of these compatibility issues.  Unfortunately, I think in order to use CANopen you will have to the CompactRIO Recommended Software set instead of the System Image.  The downside to this approach is that you won't be able to duplicate the systems or deploy NI software to the system with SystemLink, however if you install the SystemLink Client you can at least use tags and messages as well as SL for deploying your RT startup application.


OPC UA should be supported in the next version (20.6) for the system image, but I don't know if CANopen will be supported then or not. I'll let you know when I find out more information.

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Getting back to your original issue, something weird is going on and we are looking into it.  For now as a workaround you can try the following.


  1. Add “vi.lib\Skyline\Message\AMQP\NI Skyline Message AMQP (Sync).lvclass” to the RT Target
  2. In the RT EXE build spec, add NI Skyline Message AMQP (Sync).lvclass as an always included source file
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Accepted by topic author KarinaTaylor

Better yet, just try unchecking this option.




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Also, it looks like the plan is to add CANopen support to the system image in 21.0 timeframe.

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