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SystemLink - Run analysis procedure by Remote-PC



I am currently exploring SystemLink. In a first step, I managed to create an *.ANP (analysis procedure) file and successfully run it on SystemLink as Test-Procedure (see attachement). 


In a next step, I configured and registered a second Windows-PC as Client to build up a testing environment consisting of a Server and a Client PC.


Now I want to execute again a manually executable task of my test-procedure - this time the second embedded PC (Client) should execute it, and the first PC should give the 'start-trigger' signal.


How can I do this?


Thanks in advanced for your support!

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The way I imagine the realization of a trigger is to create a tag with a certain value and create an event for the value change of that tag. The server will be able to update the tag, which will be seen from the client, so the tag change will act as a trigger for the client.

If you use Labview you can  install SystemLink API for Labview and use the Skyline packages. There you have Tag Support for LabView item, through which you can write a vi, through which the client will get the event of the Tag value changed by the server.


Or if you prefer coding on python you could use NuGet packages, which have NationalInstruments.SystemLink.Clients.Tag  package.  Here you can create a Tag from the client, then create an Event for the value change of the Tag. After which you will be able to modify the Tag value from server by using the Update function. In order to get the updates from the Tag, the Client may need to subscribe to the changes of the Tag through subscribing to the event. 


The links attached to underlined words maybe helpful.

I haven't tried it myself, but think this could work. Let me know if you make try 🙂



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Thank you very much for your insights. Unfortunately I neither have made any experience in the python-SystemLink interface nor am I using LabView.


I want to start DIAdem-scripts by SytemLink, which works fine when I don't use any triggers.


So I think I have to explore the Python-SystemLink interface - again thanks for the helpful links you sent.


Can you make any recommendations on how to get started with Python-SystemLink? E.g. which moduls to install in Python, how to interact between Python/SysLink, ...? 🙂

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Hi MaT,


Before you launch into python programming, let me point out that SystemLink provides 2 client web applications, one (Data Navigation) to query data files and place them in a "Data Cart", a bit like an Amazon shopping cart, the other (Data Analysis) to interactively choose from a list of manual tasks (and its parametrization) and operate that task on the selected data files in the Data Cart.  If you want the client pc to invoke your manual Analysis task interactively, this would be the place to start.


If you do go down the python automation route, then ultimately you'll be making http or https web service calls to the Analysis Server, and those are documented in the Swagger page that ships with the SystemLink installation.  Click the "?" icon in the Analysis Server configuration web page and choose "HTTP API" to pull up the Swagger page set to the Analysis Server api.


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer


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