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Required Minimum Version

This maybe outside the scope for SystemLink, but I think it would be a handy feature.


I see that the LabVIEW Built in Package Builder has options for the Dependencies to require a certain version range.


It would be nice to have this same capability on the Client side.   What I mean by that is that say I have X # of testers that are in the same group under the Managed Systems, and I have a feed for that Group.   Currently all of the testers are running version of the package.


If I deploy an update to the feed, version, and I say the minimum version for the feed is, all of the clients would have to update to the new version before running.


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Hi Kenny_K,


I'd suggest posting this on our Idea Exchange.




R&D monitors that forum and looks for posts that have replies and kudos to show that many customers are interested in having that functionality added to influence future features.

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