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Removing Pending Systems

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In the pending systems there is only an option to Approve -- there's no Deny or Remove.  The work-around is to Approve it, and then remove it from the Configured Systems.




In my case, I got an additional Pending System, because I changed the minion_id of the system, so it showed up as a different system. However, I could imagine other scenarios where I might want to remove a pending system, or permanently deny/block all future requests from a specific client. 


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Accepted by topic author Jim_Kring
06-13-2018 11:09 PM

We plan to add the ability to reject pending systems in the future.  You can currently reject minions using the command-line on the server (c:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\salt\salt-key -r <ID>).


However, it currently has the downside that it completely stops the salt-minion service on the target.  If you are using a Linux RT target, it results in the target no longer announcing it's mDNS service, which makes them difficult to discover and add to a different server in the future.  We plan to work with Salt to upstream a change to cause the minions to go back to the disabled state instead of stopping the service before we feel comfortable exposing the ability to Reject targets in the web interface.



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I just tested in 19.0 and I don't yet see the ability to reject pending systems -- I just needed this feature again. So, it would still be great to add this :-)


Also, in SystemLink 19.0 the location is slightly different:


"C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\salt-master\salt-key" -r <ID>

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If you would like a feature added/changed I recommend posting on the this forum is monitored by R&D and is used to determine features in new iterations of a product.



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Since at this time we don't have a specific place on the idea exchange for SystemLink feedback, we have been monitoring this forum for feedback and it is still ok to provide it here. 


@Jim_Kring, as always, keep the feedback coming!

Brandon Grey
Certified LabVIEW Architect

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