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Possibly incomplete feeds

Hi all,

 I'm looking for an explanation on feeds internals. Let's assume a situation that I have an test machine on internal network and SystemLink 19.6 (currently) with access to both internal network AND Internet. I replicate a feed from downloads, selecting "Merge into a single feed" (because the other option does not work). It succeeds. Then I add the feed to the target and try to install it. The result is that the target hangs, trying to download a package from the Internet... Did I do something wrong with replicating the feed or its deployment?


 I had this exact situation with an attempt to update XNET from 18.5 to 20.1 on a test bench. I tried to deploy XNET 20.1 via SystemLink and the target hanged, waiting for a download that wasn't included into the feed...


 Thank you in advance for insights.

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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Now with SystemLink Server 2020 R2 you can disable the feeds on the target to prevent them from timing out when deploying software using internal feeds.

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Hi JoshuaP,

 Thank you! We've already upgraded to 2020 R2, so we'd have to test if it works OK. 


 Will SystemLink alert me if there's a missing dependency in the feed or will it just cause installation to fail?

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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We are planning on adding a dependency check potentially in 2020 R4, but for now it will just fail.  You can open up the job history after it fails and expand the Detailed Results section to get more information on why it failed or what package dependency is missing. 


If the NI Package Manager is out of date it can also fail to deploy if the package requires a higher version.  It will look similar to what is shown below, however you can use SL to update the NI Package Manager first and then try to deploy the new version of the driver again.


Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 5.11.38 PM.png

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