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Pharlap Support Roadmap

Is there a plan for adding Pharlap support?  If so, is there a target release date?

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While Pharlap is currently not supported, we've seen customers be successful with dashboards, by publishing values from the RT PXI back to a host Windows PC that then publishes tag values up to the server.

I'm currently looking into what our official stance is on Pharlap. As far as I know, we haven't made any announcements about it. 

Technical Support Engineer | NI
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Hi Inertia,

I've been looking into this, and your best bet is to contact us at NI directly. We don't have an official announcement about this, but would be willing to work with you and try to find a solution that will work for you.

Technical Support Engineer | NI
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We do not currently plan to add Pharlap support for systems management functions like software deployment or health monitoring.  Given platform limitations, we have not found an implementation option that would be superior to the RAD tool, and the development cost is quite high. 


As was mentioned, you can write a LabVIEW application for a Pharlap target and send data to a SystemLink Server using the HTTP APIs.

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