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NI System Webserver to Administer FS Permissions + SystemLink

My intent is to administer user file system permissions on NILRT.  It appears the Security Configuration provided by NI System Web Server is currently the only way to do this, am I correct?  Or how can I do this otherwise?


Assuming that's the way, I'm trying to install ni-system-webserver to a managed system from a replicated feed.  This package lists the core2-64 architecture.  Does that mean this package's incompatible with cRIO-904x?  I tried installing a package with dependencies on ni-system-webserver, ni-ssl-webserver-support, ni-webdav-system-webserver-support and ni-auth-webservice, but the package installation failed with, "package ni-webservices-webserver-support- requires ni-system-webserver >= 14.0.0, but none of the providers can be installed"


I can install NI Web Based Configuration and Monitoring alongside SystemLink Client 19.5 from MAX.  I can manage this system in SystemLink.  Is the only caveat of this approach the inability to specify package dependencies on NI components?  If not what are the caveats/limitations?


Thank you,


Steve K

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There are currently 2 ways of setting up a target.  You can either install the CompactRIO RSS and then add SystemLink as an add-on or you can format the target and select the SystemLink image.


If you go with the first option you can use SL to install your LV application, however you cannot specify dependencies on any NI packages or use SL to install NI software.


If you go with the second option, you can use SL to install your application AND NI drivers and updates, however currently not everything is available in a package.


In addition, the SL image option does not include a package for the Silverlight web interface for creating users, however you can manage users using SystemLink states and you can change the admin password using SystemLink by selecting a system and then clicking Change Password from the toolbar.

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Thank you.


We're able to manage users via state, and change the admin password via SystemLink, but we haven't figured out how to administer file system permissions for those users via state.  For example, give the Operators group FS Write.  Are we missing something, or is there a better place to ask about this?  Maybe it's more NILRT than SystemLink, but the users themselves are done through SystemLink, so we're starting here.


User/group permission management is obvious through the Silverlight client. Are there plans to port this to a cRIO package, or could we package it ourselves so we can deploy from SystemLink the "right way" in the short-term?


Thank you,


Steve K

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You should be able to use SystemLink to modify file and folder permissions, however it doesn't support configuring the web service permissions like FS Write.


Here is the documentation on creating a state to change the permissions on a file or folder.


An example, would be something like the following:

      - mode: '0644'
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Also, I looked into it and it seems that NI does plan to make a package available for installing the NI Web Based Configuration and Monitoring starting in 20.0, which should be available in May.

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FYI the web interface has been packaged in the NI CompactRIO 20.x stack.  The 2020 stack supports LabVIEW 2019, 2020, and NXG 5.0.

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