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Message connection closed after 10 minutes inactivity

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After testing if it was possible to keep the connection for a message alive and send once in a while a message gave me the following error after pressing the send button.





Error -251232 occurred at NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Parse HTTP

Possible reason(s):

Session token '3ca1d12b-951c-4f41-85db-a15b26b672d4' not found.

Complete call chain:
     NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Parse HTTP
     NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Execute HTTP
     NI Skyline Message HTTP
     NI Skyline Message



At first I couldn't figure out why this error was coming up, but I think this happens because the http session times out after 10 minutes. Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the connection alive? or maybe setup systemlink to increase the timeout or disable it.

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Accepted by topic author Bas.v.E

In order to keep the session from being cleaned up on the server you will need to periodically send messages even on a dummy/keep-alive topic or do a 0 timeout read on a dummy topic.

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