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Labview & systemlink (Batch serial number and trend data viewer)

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Hi everyone 

I'm trying to add systemlink API to my old Labview VIs to save all the result on the Test monitor, but I struggle with two problem.

  • Saving the batch serial number:

The property node doesn't have a batch serial number entry, 

sklod_0-1579883759246.pngSo I tried  using the "Properties" entry with the key "Batch Serial Number" or "nitmBatchSerialNumber" but it doesn't seem to work.


Am I missing something or is it just not supported yet?


  • The Data viewer doesn't show anything

I used the VI example on labview "Log Test Result and Test" but nothing shows up on the Data viewer (Trend) even though it does appear on the test result 



When using teststand i can see the measurement trend



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Accepted by topic author sklod

Hello sklod,


I can confirm that you're not missing anything.

  1. LV strips out nitm properties as special elements that should be protected and never created/updated by a user. What I'd like to do to fix this is to promote Batch Serial Number to a property and include it in our next major release. In the meantime I can make the needed changes, attach it to this thread and help you update your installation to get the new behavior earlier than a release.
  2. Thank you for finding and reporting this bug. The issue is a convergence of a cache optimization that doesn't get updated as the step gets updated in LabVIEW. It's in our service code. I'm hoping to patch this soon and will let you know a schedule once I can confirm it. In the meantime if you can consolidate your step creation to happen once at the end of your step (avoiding all the update calls) then you should be able to see your measurement data in the parametric viewer.


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Thank you for your answer. I think i'll wait for the next release to implant systemlink to my old labview soft.

For the data viewer, your suggestion works but it's always one data late. The data viewer doesn't update until the next run of my VI. I think i'll wait for the next release as well since i need the batch serial number anyway.


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Hello again,


Quick status update:

  1. Batch Serial Number is included as a property in the upcoming 20.0 release. Let me know if you need a local copy of that library earlier and I'll get it to you.
  2. The step-update bug was fixed and is included in the 19.6.2 patch. The patch was released on Wednesday of this week and you can upgrade your NI SystemLink Test Module on the server using NI Package manager.


Ryan F

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Thanks for the update.



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