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How to view systemlink dashboard from my Android device?


I am new with systemlink dashboard. I would like to access the dashboard through my Android phone (just to visualize it), how can I do that? Is there an Ip address that I can use?


(I changed the server configuration preset from -Insecure remote access- to -Public Network access- ) 


I would appreciate your guidance.

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Hi KarnB,


Each dashboard will have an ID and a URL based on that ID.  The easiest way to share the dashboard to another device is through that link.  You can see the URL in the navigation bar when you access the dashboard in a browser.  It should appear like this: http://<hostname>/#dashboardbuilder/play/dashboard/5e1f18c126b41e25e04ee549/


Note that there are two versions of the URL, one with "play" and one with "edit".  This is the mode the dashboard will open in.  If you have not granted your users access to edit the dashboard, they won't be able to access the edit link.



Michael B.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you!


It all works well now.



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