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Host a WebVI on SystemLink Cloud, and clients cannot read tags.

In WebVI, I remove URL and API key from Diagram, as suggested by NI, and upload the built package to SLC.

Then I share this to Everyone, can copy the URL.

The web app shows right data on the browser that I log-in SLC, but on another browser on the same PC, it shows web app with no data.


What is the right way to share this web app on SLC to other person?

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Hi dog-block-sock, 


Thank you for reporting this issue. I have reproduced the problem and filed a bug to our engineering team. I will try and share an ETA for this being fixed when I hear back from the team. In the meantime, I have verified that sharing with a particular user rather than "Everyone" can be used as a work-around. In the share dialog enter the email address of the person with whom you wish to share (be sure to hit the return key to commit the email address). The email address you are sharing with must have an account to view the WebVI. 

NI App Software R&D
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Hi dog-block-sock,


Thank you again for escalating this issue. I am happy to report it has been resolved. 



NI App Software R&D
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Thanks Mark.
It is unbelievable that an NI employee attended this post and worked for it.

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