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HTTP Error 503: Dashboard unavailable



I am attempting to upload a newly developed Web Application to the dashboard page within SystemLink.  When attempting to open the dashboards I received the following error.




I was originally able to pull up the dashboards and upload my web application.  Later my computer froze, I had to reboot my CPU and the dashboard view was gone and I started receiving this error.


For context, I am only using this as a demo evaluation at the moment, so I have both the SystemLink Server and Client software installed on my PC and I am connecting locally.  I'm not sure if this contributes to the problem, but thought it might help.


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Have you checked to see if you are running out of memory? I would suggest opening the SystemLink Server Configuration utility and check to see if all of the services are still running. In addition you can create a troubleshooting report from there and checkout the logs. 

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