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Guidelines for speccing a SystemLink Server PC

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In general terms, which is more important for SystemLink Server: Raw CPU speed or number of cores?


The system requirements ( ) talks about cores but not CPU speed, so I presume that cores are more important, meaning that a 2 GHz 20-core server would likely be "better" than a 3+ GHz 4-core server from the same Xeon family -- is this a reasonable thought?


For our application, we're looking at 10 nodes with ~500 hundred tags per node. However, the server will also be running SystemLink TDM, and 40% of the tags would be updated at 5 Hz over MQTT.

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We have lots of micro services that run in parallel for handling multiple tasks, so I would recommend more cores when possible.


If you are using any of our services that index large amounts of data like the TDM or Test Module, I would also recommend plenty of RAM (at least 64GB) and a very fast hard drive.

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