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Feed failed to update

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I created a new feed (first one on this server with latest EAR) and uploaded a package. I went to my Systems Manager, chose a system, went to SW, then feeds, and added the newly created feed. I get an warning message "One or more feed failed to update. Packages available from these feeds will not be shown". The feed is for x64 windows and the target is a PC. I tried deleting and recreating feed and adding it to system, no luck.


Ideas on warning?

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If you expand the details on the errror dialog, which feed failed to update?  Yours or the NI or nick danger ones?

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It failed the feed I added.

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One other thing to note, the server is on two networks. I don't see how this would affect the loading of the feed that resides on that server, but it's a possible piece to the puzzle. The target device is on the secondary network. 

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Problem solved. Thanks Josh P for suggesting what to look for (outside of this post). To complete the thread though, the issue I had was with the security certificate I generated to use https. I generated a self-signed cert using the NI Web Server Configuration tool. My original cert only included the DNS name of my server and NOT the IP I used on my secondary network. I regenerated and installed the cert with the the DNS name and secondary IP and problem solved.


On the NI Web Server, expand "Generate a new certificate" and make sure all domain names and IP's are represented there before generating the cert and installing it. 



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I am trying to push a feed package in remote device(my rio)

but following error occur:

One or more feeds failed to update.
Packages available from these feeds will not be shown.

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Is "test" a valid feed on your SystemLink Server hosted from the Package Repository?  If you renamed or removed the feed you will need to remove it from the target and possibly re-add it.

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Thanks JoshuaP: how I know whether it is valid or not?

I have not renamed or delete it from package repositry

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kindly guide me where the certificate I have to install

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You may need to update your SystemLink Server to 2020 R1 or higher.  Previously, SL wasn't adding the certificate to the cert store on RT targets which wasn't a problem initially, but newer versions added a check which could cause issues.


The newer version of SL will automatically add the cert for the server to the target when it successfully connects and execute the appropriate commands.  You just need to ensure the cert on your SystemLink server includes the ip address ( and/or hostname for your server that your target is using.  This can be done using the NI Web Server Configuration utility on your server.

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