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Feed failed to update

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I created a new feed (first one on this server with latest EAR) and uploaded a package. I went to my Systems Manager, chose a system, went to SW, then feeds, and added the newly created feed. I get an warning message "One or more feed failed to update. Packages available from these feeds will not be shown". The feed is for x64 windows and the target is a PC. I tried deleting and recreating feed and adding it to system, no luck.


Ideas on warning?

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If you expand the details on the errror dialog, which feed failed to update?  Yours or the NI or nick danger ones?

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It failed the feed I added.

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One other thing to note, the server is on two networks. I don't see how this would affect the loading of the feed that resides on that server, but it's a possible piece to the puzzle. The target device is on the secondary network. 

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Accepted by wrkcrw00

Problem solved. Thanks Josh P for suggesting what to look for (outside of this post). To complete the thread though, the issue I had was with the security certificate I generated to use https. I generated a self-signed cert using the NI Web Server Configuration tool. My original cert only included the DNS name of my server and NOT the IP I used on my secondary network. I regenerated and installed the cert with the the DNS name and secondary IP and problem solved.


On the NI Web Server, expand "Generate a new certificate" and make sure all domain names and IP's are represented there before generating the cert and installing it. 



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I am trying to push a feed package in remote device(my rio)

but following error occur:

One or more feeds failed to update.
Packages available from these feeds will not be shown.

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Is "test" a valid feed on your SystemLink Server hosted from the Package Repository?  If you renamed or removed the feed you will need to remove it from the target and possibly re-add it.

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Thanks JoshuaP: how I know whether it is valid or not?

I have not renamed or delete it from package repositry

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