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Datafinder uninstall/install issue

I am using DataFinder Server 2017/2018 which is part of the SystemLink which is why I put it in this Product board.  I needed to revert DFSE from 2018 back to 2017 due to an issue with license  management.  I needed to uninstall 2018 DFSE and reinstall 2017.


On the first round of uninstalling 2018 and reinstalling 2017 I was getting:

NI Skyline Database Server 17.0 for Windows has failed.

NI File Service 17 for Windows 64-bit has failed.

NI RabbitMQ Configuration for Skyline Products has failed.

NI Skyline Service Manager 17.0 for Windows 64-bit has failed.


After uninstalling 2018 DFSE.  Not all the services were uninstalled.  So I stopped the affiliated services for each and removed the services manually via sc delete "service_name" in an elevated command shell.


After reboot and trying to install DFSE 2017 again one issue remained:

NI RabbitMQ Configuration for Skyline Products has failed.


After much work with NI support it appears in my particular case the uninstaller did not clear out a registry key that seemed to be tripping up the installer.  NI support found a Google article!topic/rabbitmq-users/68R7qRtboY4 that removed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ericsson\Erlang\ErlSrv\1.1\RabbitMQ


I did the same but I removed the whole Erlang key.


Rebooted and reinstalled DFSE 2017 without issue.



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