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Creating SystemLink Custom Test Monitor Reports

Hi All,


I'm currently investigating the limits/features of SystemLink - in particular the Test Monitor functionality. After reading through NI's SystemLink Manual, they state that it is possible to create a custom reports which can be forwarded to test monitor without using TestStand. I'm looking into 2 of these methods, the G API and HTTP Communication.


So far, HTTP is all up and running but G API still causes issues.


Has anyone been successful forwarding a custom report using the G API?


I've not been able to find a function which can transfer information directly into the report section. Are we supposed to write to multiple tags and then the server will interpret this as a test report in some way? Or do we use the file transfer VI to transfer a Json file?


Any assistance would be appreciated!



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Sorry for the delay. Here is an example using the Test Monitor LabVIEW API to publish test results to a SystemLink Server. We will include additional examples with a future release of our API.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Best Regards,

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