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Creating SystemLink Custom Test Monitor Reports

Hi All,


I'm currently investigating the limits/features of SystemLink - in particular the Test Monitor functionality. After reading through NI's SystemLink Manual, they state that it is possible to create a custom reports which can be forwarded to test monitor without using TestStand. I'm looking into 2 of these methods, the G API and HTTP Communication.


So far, HTTP is all up and running but G API still causes issues.


Has anyone been successful forwarding a custom report using the G API?


I've not been able to find a function which can transfer information directly into the report section. Are we supposed to write to multiple tags and then the server will interpret this as a test report in some way? Or do we use the file transfer VI to transfer a Json file?


Any assistance would be appreciated!



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Sorry for the delay. Here is an example using the Test Monitor LabVIEW API to publish test results to a SystemLink Server. We will include additional examples with a future release of our API.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Best Regards,

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Hi Max,


If you're using TestStand and want to add additional results, are you able to integrate the LabVIEW Test Monitor API into TestStand in order to log those additional results to the SystemLink server?


Currently SystemLink TestStand reporting doesn't seem to support additional results, so I'm wondering if there's a work around in utilizing LabVIEW alongside TestStand that could make this work?

Andrew B.
Application Engineer
National Instruments.
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