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Connecting to SystemLink via .Net

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Has anyone tried to post messages and tags to SystemLink from a .Net or other language application? There are instances where I'd like to leverage the power of the dashboards by posting additional data to SystemLink from a custom application. A very simple example is that we use TestStand for testing a product and then a .Net app for handling product packing information. Packing information would then be populated on a dashboard. 


I had a brief look at RabbitMQ, understanding that SystemLink is built on top of it, but I haven't had much success yet. 


Any advice is welcome. 




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Hi Wesley,


Look through this page to find more about getting started with web services, particularly the link to "Web Service APIs."


Getting Started with SystemLink


If you go there, you can look at resources on how to post your data in a way that allows your .NET code to access it with an HTTP request.


SystemLink Cloud | API Documentation

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Hi Wesley,


I'd add a couple of notes:

  1. The SystemLink APIs are documented using the Swagger/Open API standard, and the latest versions are posted to Github here - The Swagger documents can be used to generate a client API for a number of platforms including .NET. The above link has more details.
  2. Also, we're in the final stages of an official .NET client for Tags and Messages, and if you're interested in previewing that API in beta form, let me know and I can get you access to it.



Fred Visser -- SystemLink R&D -- National Instruments
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Thank you Fred and Reyquaza for the input. I'm currently having a go at using the Swagger docs to generate some C# code to use. Will see how successful I am this afternoon. 


Fred, I'd love to try the .NET beta preview you guys have. Feel free to DM me for any details you may need. 




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