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Connecting RT Target to SL Cloud

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I want to connect myRIO-1900 to Systemlink Cloud.

So I wanted to clarify, if I need to add the target to the list of managing systems in SL Server. I want to know, if the SL Server and Cloud are coupled, or they are totally separate.

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SystemLink Cloud doesn't currently support managing systems. If you are wanting to manage your devices, you will need to connect it instead to a SystemLink Server. Additionally, SystemLink Server and SystemLink Cloud are separate. 

Brandon Grey
Certified LabVIEW Architect

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It might be interesting for you to know that SystemLink Cloud comes an entitlement to all SystemLink Server (and Web Module) license holders, so if you had some data that you wanted to forward from your myRIO to the cloud to build a visualization off of and share with others, that is totally possible. 


We're working on an easy mechanism to forward data from a SystemLink Server to SystemLink Cloud so that using the two together is easier, but that hasn't been released yet. Just an FYI!


Rita Prather
Software Product Manager
National Instruments
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is possible now to connect SystemLink Server to SystemLink Cloud or and how can we connect MyRIO 1900 to systemlinkCloud

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