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Announcing SystemLink 19.6


SystemLink 19.6 is out and now available for download.


SystemLink 19.6, released on December 16th, features updates that continue to empower test teams to better manage their test systems and data such as improvements in deploying software to RT targets, custom statistics dashboards for test data, a preconfigured index for the SystemLink File Service, and asset reporting based on custom properties. From user interface improvements to new industry standard reports, this release brings major updates to all modules of the intelligent systems and management platform.


Systems Management

  • Improve “situational awareness” with a new interactive Systems Dashboard for your connected test systems

Picture2.pngImprove situational awareness with the new interactive Systems Dashboard


  • Customize to meet your specific needs with the configurable properties display.
  • Leverage the new System Tray App for improved awareness of job and connection status of test systemsPicture1.pngIncrease awareness of job and connection status of test systems with the new System Tray App



Measurement Data Management

  • Automate measurement data file ingestion with the File Service and use DataFinder to search those files with a pre-configured index for the File Service.


Test Asset Management

  • Automate utilization tracking via APIs: LabVIEW, Python, C#, HTTP
  • Capture asset utilization data for non-NI devices
  • Report test asset utilization based on custom properties
  • New Advanced Utilization report – Jupyter-backed for performance and flexibility


Picture3.pngLeverage the new Advanced Utilization Report for increased visibility into the use of your most valuable test assets


Test Monitoring and Results Management

  • View test results and then leverage the new group-by feature to color-code test results by system, operator, etc.
  • Improved sweeps workflow, to select and visualize a range of inputs
  • Additional visualization options: box plots, violin plots, histograms
  • Option to view SPC statistics with test results such as Cp and CpK
  • New industry standard report for Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Picture4.pngOptimize test process with enhanced trend view enhancements in Test Monitor




Learn more about these new features and more in the SystemLink 19.6 release notes and by downloading the latest version from

Becca B.
Product Marketing
National Instruments
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