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Announcing SystemLink 18.5

Announcing SystemLink 18.5 


SystemLink 18.5 is out now and available for download


Many new features have been added to further enhance it's systems, data and test management capabilities.  These include:


  • System State Management 
    • SystemLink can now track and version software sets and perform smart software replication to one or many systems. You can now establish a traceable identity for a collection of feeds and packages and enable software set replication to one or many systems.


  • Dedicated Alarms Application 
    • SystemLink now provides a dedicated application for viewing and configuring alarms and notifications. Alarms can be set for system health metrics, calibration warnings, or user-defined data associated with any monitoring tag.


  • Test Monitor Dashboard 
    • As part of the test module, you can now can view test data metrics with visualization dashboards and interactive reporting.


  • Configurable Test Reports 
    • As part of the test Module, you can manage test data reports with pre-installed data filters and your own custom-defined configurations.  These reports also provide new dynamic capabilities to easily view the underlying test results.


  • New SystemLink Asset Module
    • The new SystemLink Asset module is now available at part of the 18.5 release.  With this, you can can better visualize asset availability to better improve maintenance decisions and analyze performance.  It also includes features for configuring alarm rules and notification settings for calibration events to better manage when equipment is approaching calibration or is past due.



Learn more about these and other new features at the SystemLink release notes and download the latest version from

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