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Currently the authentication options are all on-premise options. It would be nice to have Azure Active Directy as an authentication option to have cloud based authentication options available as well.




It would be nice to be able to add all of our instruments to the Asset management tool.  Not just the ones in MAX or that are connected.  This way we can have 1 tool to manage all of the assets.

Right now through SystemLink when you go to the server to approve a new system, you get a listing with the Minion IDs of all the systems waiting for approval.  The problem is that the minion ID is made up of the computer type, serial number and MAC address.  As a production line manager person, I don't know the hardware serial numbers of computers, or MAC addresses of systems.  Yes they are great unique identifiers, but it's kinda like having a conversation about people by only using their social security numbers (instead of calling them by Jane, John, Marry or Harry). 

What it comes down to is I've got a list of systems that I don't know what they are, and to be able to make a reasonable decision about the security of my process I need to do a large amount of research to decide whether it is an appropriate system.  I wish the list included the system HostName too.  With that I could decide quicker and easier if it was a valid system to approve.


Currently the "Created By" is fixed asTagRuleEngine. It is helpful if one can modify the name to filter alarms. (Currently the property is read-only.)




Created By.png

I see that the LabVIEW Built in Package Builder has options for the Dependencies to require a certain version range.


It would be nice to have this same capability on the Client side with NI SystemLink.   What I mean by that is that say I have X # of testers that are in the same group under the Managed Systems, and I have a feed for that Group.   Currently all of the testers are running version of the package.


If I deploy an update to the feed, version, and I say the minimum version for the feed is, all of the clients would have to update to the new version before running (or get notified there is a required update).

Systemlink seems unaware of software changes deployed to a Managed System outside of the SystemLink Systems Manager.  If I install a software package using Systems Manager to an RT client, then install something else on the same client directly from LabView, Systems Manager will continue to show the original package as the Installed Software.  Ideally the SystemLink client on the RT target should recognize the difference and report to Systems Manager that an unknown package is installed.  Additionally, Systems Manager should have a Reinstall option on its installed software tab.  The current procedure is to uninstall the currently installed version, then install it from the Available software tab.