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"Test Insights" missing in Systemlink Web Application

I performed a repair on the 11 items you recommended and the repair completed with 3 items that weren't able to be repaired:

Repair Issue.JPG

I then rebooted my machine and after the reboot I have the same problem with the Test Module stuck in starting or initializing.


Due to the repair issues, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the systemlink suite.  This didn't fix the issue either.


I'm not sure how to check the version of Newtonsoft.json on my machine, but I did drill down to the Windows/assembly/ folder and searched for Newtonsoft.  This is what I see:


Newtonsoft version.JPG

Do you think I should try to install SystemLink 20 instead?


Thanks for you help.

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The latest version is SystemLink Server 2021 R3 and I would recommend upgrading to it if you happen to have an older version installed. The only way to check on the version is to open NI Package Manager since all of the licenses are 21.0. 


If you have the latest version, I would recommend waiting a week or so for the next update that fixes the problem. I wouldn't recommend trying to do a downgrade since it may cause problems with your databases.

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I'm already using 2021 R3 so I will just wait for the next release.  Thanks for your help.

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