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myRIO collecting data and sending it to systemlink

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I am currently having problems with my systemlink, when i want to write data to systemlink. I have this error -251011. I need some suggestions to tackle this error. Thank You


Below is my codes and my front panel

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Look up a SystemLink example.  You need to tie your API key call into the tag writes.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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I made the changes to the call of the API key it gave me a new error. It gave me error 56 and error 1967362020 at the write tag vi and the open tag vi. I need some advise.


Thank You

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Hi JonTeo, 


Since you've posted your API key in the screenshots to this forum I strongly recommend you delete those API keys from your account to prevent unauthorized access to your data. In the future please be careful not to share API keys with anyone. 

NI App Software R&D
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Accepted by topic author JonTeo47

You are closing the connection before the While loop completes.  You need to stop the Close from occurring until you are done posting data.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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