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Why does it take so long to publish a package to SystemLink feed from LV Project Explorer builds?

Whenever I elect to publish a package from the build spec in the LV project explorer it can take several minutes to upload. When I build the package otherwise it completes quite quickly and then if I upload via the web interface it's also a matter of seconds for it to transfer and load in the repo. Why so slow from the project package builder?




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I have no idea why it is taking LV so long to upload a package, but one alternative you could look at is creating a Python script to upload the packages after LV builds it.


Here is a link to a simple example that my team created.


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Thank you for the idea. However we do not have a CI/CD system in place. Nor do I see the option for a post-build action on a package like we have available for the exe. Do you have any suggestions as to how to trigger the script?

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One option for tagging on additional build functionality is to use the MGI Solution Explorer.

You could also just directly use the LabVIEW Native Package API rather than mixing in the python tooling (though either should work).

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