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SystemLink, LabVIEW and TestStand: How do they work together?

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Hello, SystemLink users and experts!


I became aware of SystemLink recently while looking for centralized lab management solutions. Let me briefly describe what we do or have.


We have dozens of product testers that should often run continuously for many days.

We have developed a fairly large LabVIEW program with Actor Framework and TestStand API to run several different types of tests.

We use many custom TestStand step types to configure and control various devices.

We log data to TDMS files in a few different formats.


Can you integrate an independent full-blown LabVIEW program into a SystemLink network?

It looks like I can use the SystemLink API inside our LabVIEW program to communicate with a central SystemLink server.


Before I spend more time to dig deeper, I'd love to hear some opinions or stories from people here.


Thank you!

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You can either use the LabVIEW SystemLink Toolkit to log the results and upload files, which will require making some changes to your test application or you can use the SystemLink reporting plugin for TestStand to log the steps and upload files, which is mainly a TS configuration change.


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Thank you. I wanted to have some confidence in the direction we are heading. It seems the buffet is well-prepared with many different plates.

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