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SystemLink 2021 R2 Dashboard Tags and Workspaces Improvements

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I am creating dashboards to monitor test cell utilization from a browser. The tile dashboard has a clean and simple layout capability however it lacks various sizing and tile options. So I am using the Free-Form Dashboard option to create my custom dashboard. Unlike the tile dashboard, I cannot find if the freeform dashboard has the option to choose which workspace to pull tags from. At the moment it only displays for the use of tags in the "Default" workspace and doesn't give me the option to choose which workspace to read tags from. I would rather keep workspaces separate and avoid using the default workspace for all SystemLink material. I am wondering if NI is working on this tag/workspace capability in the freeform dashboards although it is noted that the Free-Form Dashboard is "deprecated" and that "NI recommends that you use tile dashboards instead of Free-Form Dashboards." I really like the both of these dashboards and the option for either to be used.


Freeform Dashboard Tags (No option for Workspace selection)

FreeForm Tag Options.png




















Tile Dashboard Tag Binding (Option for Workspace selection)


Tile Tag Options.png




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According to the documentation, the Free-Form Dashboard was deprecated at the same time when Workspaces were introduced:


If I've understood that correctly, that means NI is no longer adding features to the Free-From Dashboard so it will never receive Workspace support.

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