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System link tag data not updating

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I have planned to create a project which interacts with the motor from the webvi. I use systemlink API to host it. The tag value is not updating. I created the read and write tag address and path in labview. In labview NXG, I built up a webvi which interacts with the labview tag paths. If I run the vi, The motor starts running but not updating in systemlink cloud so the web vi is also not receiving any data. I will attach both labview program and web vi. Could anyone help to solve this problem. Thanks in advance




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If you are just starting I highly recommend working through the presentation and demo of the How to Build a Web UI for Your LabVIEW-Based Test System presentation.


The presentation covers step-by-step how to:


  • Modify a LabVIEW VI to add tags support
  • Verify the tags are being updated
  • Creating and deploying a WebVI that can read the tags


Also some notes about the shared example:


  • For a new WebVI application you should use G Web Development Software. The LabVIEW NXG Web Module was turned into a standalone product named G Web Development Software that has the latest features and updates. The presentation above covers using G Web Development Software.
  • The shared VI includes your SystemLink API key on the diagram. You should treat your API key like a password and make sure not to share it with others. I'd highly recommend deleting the API key in the SystemLink Cloud Security page as it was shared in the forums. The presentation shows how to create an API key and discusses security practices.



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When writetags_cluster&messages executes, do you get an error message after multi write

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Thanks for your answers. I made a mistake in api key so that's why It keeps on unupdating the value. I finally figured it out

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