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NI Package Builder Installer Version



I want to create in NI Package Builder 2 Installer with the same packages, but different Versions of the package. My problem is that I can't chose the Version. It always takes the version of the latest build.


Any ideas?

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Lukas -

Currently installers built by an NI Package Builder solution can include

(a) the last built version of a package in the solution,

(b) a package that is installed on the system building the package, or

(c) a top-level package included in an installer on disk.


As you noticed option (a) does not allow you to include a previously built version that is not the latest; the version and name of the last built package is included in the solution file when saved. Option (b) has a limitation that the installed package cannot be included if the solution is configured to build that package. Option (c) requires that the package be included in a previously built installer as a "top-level" product in the installer.


FWIW: Just letting you know this option but not recommending it; you can post process an installer and swap the newer package with the older package by editing the feed(s) it is in and the installer top-level reference.  As an example, to fix the feed you could edit the Packages file in the feed directory of the installer as follows:

  1. nipkg feed-add-pkg "%CD% "..\..\pool\mycompany-myproduct_1.0.0.0_windows_x64.nipkg"
  2. nipkg feed-remove-pkg "%CD% "..\..\pool\mycompany-myproduct_1.0.0.1_windows_x64.nipkg"

Since the package is likely top-level, you would have to edit the ".\bin\suite.dat" file for the installer to change the 2 references to to


In the future we could make this easier by supporting something like the following, but these are not planned:

  • Allow user to specify a specific version of the solution package to include, and the package would need to be still available on disk where the solution builds it.
  • Allow user to reference a specific package on disk to include in an installer.

Hope this helps.

Scott Richardson
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