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How to use 3rd party Database for SystemLink

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Our customer want to use SystemLink to display their data, and I know that our systemlink uses MongoDB as database by default, so how to replace the MongoDB with customer's 3rd party database, both SQL and NoSQL, I know there should be some additional development work, so how to do it, how to develop the adapter between 3rd party database and SystemLink?



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Thanks for you replay, according to the remote-postgres-databse , I see that the postgres can replace the default SystemLink database. But our customer want to display their data on SystemLink, like Dashboard. Not only use another type of database, but use their own data. So my question is that, how can I develop an addin/widget to get data from our customer's database, and provide these data to SystemLink server, as far as I know, we can use the SystemLink RESTful API. Is there any other way to do it? 

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You can do this only with SystemLink RESTful API. 

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