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How to run Temp Monitoring Example on local SystemLink Server

Hello Community,


At these days I'm starting with WebVIs and SystemLink. I found the "Temperature Monitoring Web App Example" and a tutorial from Jim Parrot, where he explained how to deploy the WebVI in SystemLink Cloud and send data from my local VI. This worked well and gave me instant success.

Now I would like to host the WebVI on my local SystemLink Server instance (which I successfully already did) and access it from my LabVIEW2019- "Temperature Monitoring with Tags and". With the installation of SystemLink Server I gave the user "admin" a password, and this is the only user the server instance knows.

So I try to open the HTTP- Connection with the following credentials and URL:


SystemLink Credentials.PNG


This passes "Open Configuration" well, but it gives me an error from "Open Tag", trying to open "Test1.Status". The error message is:


Error -251043 occurred at NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Parse HTTP

Possible reason(s):

A supported version of the '#' web service is not installed on the configured web server.

Complete call chain:
NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Parse HTTP
NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Execute HTTP
NI Skyline Tag HTTP Library.lvlib:Open Existing
NI Skyline Tag HTTP Library.lvlib:Open
NI Skyline Tag HTTP.lvclass:Open Tag
Temperature Monitoring with Tags and


I copied the URL of the WebVI from the SystemLink Server GUI, which includes the '#' part mentioned in the error message.


On the WebVI part I left the "Open Configuration API Key" with no server url and api key, as in the SystemLink Cloud example:


WebVI Start.PNG


If this is causing the problem, what URL and API Key do I have to input here?


Greets, Dave
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To explain more: This is my idea to start using WebVIs, hosted on a local server and send tag data to it. If this is not the right approach, where and how should I start?

Greets, Dave
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Hi daveTW,


The How to Build a Web UI for Your LabVIEW-Based Test System presentation goes through more detail on setting up WebVIs with a LabVIEW application.


I'd recommend going through the full presentation to get an understanding of the features and architectures for web-enabling an app. The first demo in the presentation is a walkthrough of setting up with SystemLink Cloud and the second demo shows the changes required to use a local NI Web Server.


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