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Having issue with time settings systemlink

 Hello everyone, I am working on a project and have some data send on to systemlink. Now I would like to download the data from systemlink into a csv file. During updating and in my labview programmed I added a get current time function and data uploaded is the same as the timing in my region. However when I try to export the data into csv file the timing will be 8 hours behind the timing in my region. 

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Hi Hendrick02

To be clearly could you please answer these questions, 

1. What kind of data are you sending on to Systemlink?

2. Did you check the Systemlink server and client timezone? They should be the same in this case, the problem might come from there.



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All timestamps stored on the server are stored in UTC. When we display the data in the web interface or LabVIEW API we convert it to local time based on your local system or browser settings. When we export it to CSV we keep it in UTC since they are just strings. 

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