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Error Deploying State to ARM Based cRIO

I'm currently receiving a reproducible error when attempting to apply a system state to a cRIO-9065, via our SystemLink server. The state was created from a cRIO-9065, and I receive an error when attempting to apply the state to the same, or other cRIO-9065 systems.


I have been able to use this SystemLink server to deploy states to other types of CompactRIOs in the past without any issues. The states that have succeeded in the past were for CompactRIO's with the NI Linux Real-Time x64 architecture, rather than cRIO's with the NI Linux Real-Time ARM architecture like the cRIO-9065.


I'm using SystemLink version 2020 R2.

The cRIO-9065 devices are setup with the 2020 Q1 Linux RT System Image.


I'm able to install additional packages through NI MAX to the cRIO-9065's as normal, but I receive the state deployment error regardless of the packages installed on the cRIO-9065 when I attempt to deploy the state. I receive the error on systems with packages already installed, and on a system with only the base Linux RT System Image installed.


SystemLink reports the following error under the Detailed Results section of the job history entry related to the failed state deployment:


"comment": "The following packages failed to install/update: ni-sysmgmt-sysapi-expert=
845 targeted packages were already installed",


Has anyone had issues deploying states via a SystemLink server to ARM based cRIOs in the past?


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Does your state include a System Image and if so what version. In addition, what version of the system image is currently installed on the cRIO-9065.

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The system image currently installed on the cRIO-9065s is the "2020 Q1 Linux RT System Image".


I didn't think RT system images were included as part of a Systemlink state, but I may be wrong about that. I created the Systemlink state from a cRIO-9065 which had the same 2020 Q1 RT System Image installed, in addition to a couple of other drivers.


The other software I had installed on the cRIO, and included in the state is:


  • CompactRIO Support
  • Hardware Configuration Web Support
  • HTTP Client
  • LabVIEW Real-Time
  • Network Configuration Web Support
  • NI System Configuration
  • NI Web-based Configuration and Monitoring
  • NI-RIO
  • NI-Sync
  • Run-time engine for web services
  • Software Management web support
  • WebDAV Server


I even seem to receive the error when I perform the following: 


  1. Install 2020 Q1 Linux RT System Image to formatted cRIO-9065
  2. Add cRIO to SystemLink Server
  3. Create state from cRIO
  4. Apply the same state back to the same cRIO




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