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Error 500 Setting Client Name in Systems Management SystemLink 21.3



I'm getting a flash saying Error 500 - Internal Skyline service error when I try to set the Name of some (not all) of my clients on the Systems Management tab.


These are clients which have previously been connected, but were then Removed and Added again as we were having problems with all clients staying in the Refresh Job state forever. Looks like this is fixed now.


I can set and reset the description of the clients fine. I have Systems Maintainer Role.


When I have a look in the Skyline Log on the server I can see a new entry added each time I get the service error saying:

SystemsManagement |
ERROR - SystemsManagement.StdErr - {"timestamp":"2023-03-16T22:36:51.2982112Z",
"message":"MongoDB.Driver.MongoWriteException: A write operation resulted in an error.\r\n

E11000 duplicate key error collection: nisystemsmanagement.minions index:
OrgIdId dup key: { org_id: \u00225376154f-b6f2-4e42-af49-5fefd93e126a\u0022,
minion_id:  }\r\n ---\

u003E MongoDB.Driver.MongoBulkWriteException\u00601[NationalInstruments.SystemsManagementService.Infrastructure.Minion.MinionEntry]:
A bulk write operation resulted in one or more errors.\r\n


(Removed the Minion ID for brevity). So that looks like it might have a problem with the device already existing and it cannot overwrite the name by duplicating the key, but it can overwrite other parameters.


My question is - is there a way to flush this already existing entry out via SystemLink 21.3 or via accessing the database directly? I assumed removing then reattaching the client would do it, but it hasn't.


We haven't upgraded from 21.3 yet as our IT are requesting more information about the Postgre DB upgrade.





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