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Discarding skipped result doesn't work

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Hi i modified the SequenceFilePostResultListEntry to discard any skipped step. While it does work with other form of report, Testmonitor doesn't seem to care. I think they forgot to implement it. Is ther any work around.

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SequenceFilePostResultListEntry is an older callback that does not seem to support discarding results for OTF plugins. I presume TestMonitor is being used in OTF mode, correct?


Instead of SequenceFilePostResultListEntry, can you instead use SequenceFilePostResults and add the following in a statement step: SetNumElements(Parameters.Results, 0)?

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TestMonitor uses OnTheFly, yes. I verified that if you modify Parameters.Results in SequenceFilePostResults that change will be applied to the results sent to TestMonitor.


One note of caution: the TestMonitor plugin to TestStand sends result data to SystemLink even if the steps or sequence is not complete (i.e. in the Running state). If you remove a result that had already been reported in this intermediate state then it will be stuck in that state in SystemLink. If you're going to remove results from Parameters.Results you should only due so when you are confident that it hasn't and will not be reported to SystemLink in a prior or later run of SequenceFilePostResults, to avoid stale or inconsistent data being persisted on the server.


In you case with skipped results, you would want to avoid removing results that were manually set to the Skipped status within the step's expression, because they could have been previously been reported as Running and would be stuck in that state.


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Thanks i figured out that myself at the end and added the statement:


and filtered the data in the sequenceFilePostResults.

I couldn't wrap my head over the whole reporting system and how it works but doing this seems to work. Does it seems ok to you. 

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