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Configure SystemLink on a cRIO-device



i am trying to host a Web server on a cRIO. On another post i made yesterday i tried it via http-functions. Now i wanted to try it with the SystemLink Tools but i can't get it done. 


I have a LabVIEW project that simply sends a boolean signal into the SL-cloud via Tag. The Client that opens the webpage should change the frequency of the LED lighting via a slider and a number of the data type double via another tag. 

All of this works if i try it with my laptop as the host. As soon as i try to run the LV-code on the cRIO the communication doesn't work in any direction. 


My LV-code:



My GWEB-code






The cRIO is connected if i look at the SL-System Configuration. Is there anything i am not aware of when it comes to a cRIO and Systemlink?


Thank you in advance!

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When your cRIO is linked to the server, you can use the automatic configuration and don't need to have your admin credentials stored on the client. I'm not sure if that solves your problem, but I never use explicit credentials on a client.


Note that each client will write to different tags.




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Unfortunately still not working.. I don't get an error but the Tags don't appear in the SystemlinkCloud. Also the newest SystemLink driver and software packages are installed on my Laptop and on the cRIO.


As soon as i start the in the Computer section of my LV-project, it all works as it should. It just doesn't work when the cRIO should host it. I also already reinstalled all cRIO Systemlink drivers. 





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The tags won't show up under the system unless the tag path starts with the minion ID for the system, however you should be able to see them in the Tag viewer under Utilities in the navigation.


In order for your tag to show up in the system's detail view for the specific system, I recommend you use the Tag Build Path VI.


It will automatically prepend your path with the minion ID and help ensure every system has a unique tag path. 

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