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CVS-1459 Install and Configuring

1 -  Vision Builder

2 – Vision Acquisition




1 – Эти программы нужно установить в CVS-1459 или Vision Builder AI на Notebook а Vision Acquisition Software на CVS-1459?

2 – Как настроить сеть для работы с CVS-1459 удаленно?



1 – Do you need to install these programs in CVS-1459 or Vision Builder AI on Notebook and Vision Acquisition Software on CVS-1459?

2 - How do I configure the network to work with CVS-1459 remotely?

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Have you seen this manual

Please have a look, there is brief description on installation and startup. 

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I do not understand how to properly configure the network in CVS 1459 and NoteBook?

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