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Break out of Session 0 / SYSTEM Account

I have a few non-NI apps I'm trying to deploy using SystemLink. I created wrapper scripts for my installers using Powershell App Deployment Toolkit. The toolkit is supposed to prompt the current logged in user to close certain apps and display installation progress.


I built a package with my deployment files and use the Post-Installation action to call the toolkit. When the deployment runs on the target computer, the app installer runs under the account NT Authority\SYSTEM on the Session 0 desktop (hidden from the current logged in user).


If I manually copy the deployment files to the target computer and run it from the user context, the toolkit works as intended.


Is there a way I can break out of session 0 and display installation progress to the current logged in user?

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I haven't tried building a package with a pre-install script that uses this, but my suggestion would be to try calling the following. Msg has a few other command parameters that you can test out and should send a message and create a popup for all logged in user. You may also want to specify a timeout so that it doesn't block your install forever.


Msg * "Please close all running applications"


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