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After repair, Postgre stuck on Initializing.

We added the TDM Modules to our SystemLink server.   During install, the antivirus didnt like some of the commands being run, and the install did not let the DocumentManager service work properly.


After working with IT and having the antivirus suspended temporarily, I did a repair on the installation.   This executed properly and the DocumentManager now starts correctly.


However, the PostgreSQL Database has been at "Initializing" for several hours now.   We had existing data in the Postgre database, so maybe it is re-indexing?




How long do we need to wait, or is there a way to see the progress?




I found this in the crashlog_skyline.txt.


Requested Services:
NationalInstruments.Skyline.MessageBus.SkylineException: Initializer process C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\Skyline\PostgreSQLDatabase\NationalInstruments.PostgresConfig.exe failed with exit code -2146233083.
at NationalInstruments.Skyline.SkylineUtilities.InitializerProcess.Run(Int32 timeoutMilliseconds)
at NationalInstruments.Skyline.SkylineUtilities.CompositeInitializer.Run(Int32 timeoutMilliseconds)
at NationalInstruments.Skyline.SkylineUtilities.ManagedServiceBase.Initialize()
at NationalInstruments.Skyline.SkylineService.SkylineService.Start(ManualResetEvent stopEvent)
at NationalInstruments.Skyline.SkylineService.SkylineService.Main(String[] args)





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