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what is micro switch

What is micro switch? How can I input signal generated from micro switch to NI DAQ system?
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At this moment, National Instruments offers three different flavors of Switches:

-General Puspose

Depending on the type of bus that you are using, you can buy them either in SCXI or in PXI format.

Micro switch is not part of the NI products; therefore, the way in which you connect each of the channels of the switch to a DAQ board will depend on the switch specifications.

Here are several things that we suggest to do:

1- If the switch is a multiplexer, you can connect the output channel of the switch to a single channel of the DAQ board in order to acquire the signals. The switch will have to be controlled independantly (not with NI-DAQ).

2- If the signal exceeds the input ranges of the data acquisition board, conditi
on the signal.

3- Remember to scan (DAQ board) at least two or three times faster than the original signal.

Hope this information helps. Good luck with your application.
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