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switch resistance of the PXI 2532

I am maintaining some software that is doing a 2 wire resistance measurement of three transformers in parallel, looking for shorts.  The lower limit of the three should be 17.14 ohms.  I am testing this with a PXI chassis, and the PXI 4072 DMM.  It is going through the 2532 (2 switches), and about 5 feet of cable to make the measurement.  I have been asked to change the lower limit of this particular test, which is currently set at 20 ohms.  I am trying to find out the lower resistance limit we should see in this.  When I looked in the datasheet, it just shows <1ohm. Is there an average for it?




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Thank you for posting to the NI Forums! We do not have an average resistance because that spec pertains to the life span of the switch module. Because a switch is an electro-mechanical system, the resistance is affected by the amount of current, amount of times switches have opened and closed, etc. Therefore, we define a good viable switch as one who's path resistance is less than 1ohm. Hope this helps!


Margaret Barrett
National Instruments
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