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scxi not recognized by ni switch.

I am trying to set up an 1127 mux on a pci 1010 chassis. I have installed all my hardware in MAX and it is listed there. I installed my drivers on the hard drive NI DAQ, NI VISA, IVI Engine, NI Switch. When I run NI Switch and try to open a session with my mux I get the error "device query failed". I am using the same chassis ID and slot nimbers listed in MAX which seem to be correct.

Any ideas?
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Dear Sir,

Thank you for using the Developer Exchange.

We have to make sure that you have the right hardware to control the SCXI-1127. Basically we have two options to control the 1127.

The most usual would be using a NI-4060 the DMM card or the NI-4021 a controller card. In both cases the PXI card must be installed in the slot number 8 of the PXI portion of the chassis and the SCXI-1127 must be installed in the rightmost slot of the chassis, or chassis number 4.

In that case the SCXI-1127 must be listed under PXI-1010 chassis in devices and interfaces of MAX as a device controlled by the PXI-card.

Another option would be to control the SCXI-1127 using a regular DAQ card. But in that case you would necessarily to have an analog input SCXI module install
ed in the same chassis in slot number one.

After making sure that you have the hardware properly configured I suggest you to use the NI-SWITCH Software Front Panel that is installed with the driver NI-Switch in order to check if the software can or not recognize the switch card.

Best Regards,

Omar De Andrade
Applications Engineer - Computer Based Instruments
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