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possible to cascade switches?

I want to have a multiplexer which has 128 inputs and high bandwidth. But when i searched among the multiplexers, there is no single one which suite the purpose. So I'm thinking of using 4SCXI1193(32*1 multiplexer) and connect the 4 outputs to the 4 inputs of PXI2590 (4*1) multiplexer. Is it possible to achieve 128*1? Can this configuration be controlled using labVIEW?
If not can I use PXI-2532 (4*128 matrix)? how it can be controlled?
A million thanks!
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To tell you the truth both solutions will work, but for your topology the combination of the SCXI-1193 with the PXI-2590 will be easier to implement. This setup will give you much higher bandwidth compared to the PXI-2532. While both can be programmed in LabVIEW, the 1193-2590 combination will allow you to switch through channels at a faster rate. I'm not sure how fast you would like to scan through the channels, but with the 1193-2590 combination you will need to set it up so that you scan through all the 1193 channels, then switch channels on the 2590. The scan through all 128 channels will not be completely smooth, but will be relatively easy to program.

If you go with the PXI-2532 option you can still program it in LabVIEW but since it is a matrix you will need to program each path. This will take much more time to program than the 1193-2590 combination. Remember also that the PXI-2532 has a bandwidth limit of 30MHz.

Hope this helps! Have a great day.

Erick D
NI Applications Engineer
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