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output trigger pulse width

The data sheet on most (all?) the switch modules (I'm working with the 2530B, but that's really not relevant) mention that the output trigger pulse width is settable between 1uS and 62uS programmatically. 




(about 1/2way down page).


However, I cannot find any reference to any property that you can set to modify this parameter.  By default it's coming out at 2uS wide.  I'm trying to capture the pulse using a microprocessor, but the pulse width is narrow enough that it's not getting it.  There is no configuration for this in MAX.


I can't be the first person to try this.  Anyone have any idea?



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Hi Fast351,


You can program the pulse width using a DAQmx Export Signal Property Node in LabVIEW. From the property selection you would go to Events»Advance Complete Event»Pulse»Width Value. In C, you would use the DAQmxSetExportedAdvCmpltEventPulseWidth function.


-Jake B.

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