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Hi Eli,


In addition to Srdan's troubleshooting steps, I've attached the DLL I mentioned in a previous post.


How to Use

1. Close all NI programs on the machine.
2. Save the original niswitch_32.dll to a safe place.

3. Place the niswitch_32.dll attached to this forum in C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Bin.

4. Open a blank VI in LabVIEW.
5. Drop any NI-Switch VI into Labview (you will receive several popup windows).  I recommend dropping the NI-Switch Close VI for the fewest popups.
6. Click OK through the windows and the logging should be complete.
7. Navigate to the LabVIEW directory in Program Files.  Next to LabVIEW.exe there should be a file named niSwitch.log.  Reply and attach this file.


The performance of this DLL is not optimized, so you will want to replace it with the original when we're finished troubleshooting.




Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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Hi Chad and Srdan,


I resolved the problem by re-installing LabVIEW, switch and DMM drivers. For now everything runs OK. Since I do not know what have caused this, the same problem may reappear again. If that happens I will take into account your suggestions for troubleshooting.


Thanks for your continuous support.



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