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nise.dll not found in the standalone exe


I am building a stand alone exe using LV 8.6 and switch executive 3.0. The projects dependency contain the file 'nise.dll' but when deployed on the target computer (runtime engine installed), it is unable to find the 'nise.dll. I've attached the image of the error I get when I try to run it. 

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Your project contains two different installers and I don't know which one you used but neither has NI-Switch selected as an additional install.
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What Dennis said, only to clarify on the necessary installer: when deploying an application that uses Switch Executive, you will need to use the deployment installation of NISE software. If you're only testing, you can install NISE on the test machine and use it as a demo version, and that would give you full functionality except for a limited running time for your app. When you get to deploying it, you'll need to obtain runtime/deployment licenses for all the systems your app would go to.


Hope this helps! 

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Hi SamEJ,


You can download and install NISE from the following location. 






As Srdan mentions, you can use NISE as a demo version, but only for a limited time.  Eventually, you'll want to purchase deployment licenses for your deployment systems.


I understand that you would like to include NI Switch Executive in your installer, similar to the NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine (as shown below).


Additional Installers.jpg


This is valuable feedback.  I'll work with NI R&D to see if we can make this available in future versions of NI Switch Executive.


As Dennis mentioned, it appears you are not adding an NI-Switch version as an Additional Installer.  If desired, you can include the NI-Switch driver.


Hope this helps!


Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer




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Thanks for your feed back guys, that was very helpful. I've added the switch on the runtime engine now and I can use programs created with NI SWITCH but not NI SWITCH EXECUTIVE. As expected it still asks me for 'nise.dll', what if I copied the 'nise.dll' from my windown/system32 folder and put it in my deployed support folder and manually browsed for the 'nise.dll' file when the program failed to find it automatically. If I did this will I be breaching any licensing agreements, I have a full deployment version on LV8.6 and Switch Executive 3.0. So I should be able to use any programes I create as a deployment version a target computer. I would also think I'll need to update a license file as the runtime engine does is there any way I can update the lisence into my installer?

What do you reckon?


PS: But as you suggested earlier I understand I can use the deployed program, if I have a trial version or full deployment version of NI SWITCH EXECUTIVE on the target computer. However I'd much rather preffer having a fully standalone program to run on any target computer.

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as your error indicates, you cannot only copy nise.dll and expect the application to work. NI Switch Executive consists of many other components, such as MAX integration parts that allow you to view/modify NISE virtual switch  configurations, and yes, the licensing portion that allows/limits the available features based on the installed mode (demo/deployment/development).


That said, to properly deploy your switch executive application, in addition to installing NISE (minimally properly registered deployment version), you will also need to install the virtual switch executive device you have created(export it from MAX on the development machine into the XML file and import on the target machine) as well as the IVI configuration you've used for your specific switch devices.


Please refer to this document for detalied description: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/836390E0A691E1B786256DDD00780A85


ETA: I noticed that you've mentioned demo or development versions as options to install on a target machine. There is a third licensing level designed especially for the deployment purposes, called deployment version. This does not have the time limitations of the demo version, and it does not allow for editing of the imported NISE configurations, and thus has a price advantage when compared to the full development version.

I hope this helps.

Message Edited by Srđan Zirojević on 09-11-2009 12:31 AM
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