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multithread with ni-4060

I have a some problem with the ni-4060 digital multimeter and the driver commands. When i use the initialize(...) and Fetch(...) commands they totaly hogs up my cpu for a short while, this is a problem since i have other critical threads running that cant be locked out from the cpu. Is there other commands to use that dont locks up my cpu?

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Dear Stefan,

Thanks for using the National Instruments Technical Support

The fact that the functions niDMM_initiate and fetch are using 100% of the processing capacity of your CPU is pretty reasonable because it is a intensive process and has to be executed as fast as possible, but of course it will not take all the execution time from your processor because it is the Operating System, not the driver, that controls how the applications use the CPU resources. If you are developing a multithread application you will have to define how to prioritize the execution of the different threads in your application and it is a issue more related to the programmig language and development environment than related to the driver/hardware.

Best Regards

Omar De Andrade

Computer Based Instruments
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