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how to change the detla X ?

Dear all,


I have try to learn how to use Switch (PXI 2503) in past few weeks.

Now I couldnt solve this problem about the changing the delta X. I had tired so many things (such as settling time, sample interval) but it still show there are 0.1 sec between two data. right now is showing 07:44.4 for the 1st reading and 07.44.6 for the next reading.

I want to change the result to be 07:44.4 and next reading will be 07:44.5 


This program is measure 2 different resistors separately and output the result to the lvm file.

I have attach 2 different files to show the program and the results.


Does anyone know how to change the delta XAny help is appreciated.

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This really has nothing to do with the switch hardware and software. The 1D data you are getting has no timing information in it. Since it does not, then when you convert to dynamic data, the dt in the dynamic data is going to default to 1. Instead of converting to dynamic data, convert to waveform data type and use the Build Waveform function to specify a dt. Since it seems you are taking a single sample and don't have any timing control or checking of actual loop time, the 1 second you have now would seem just as valid as you specifying .1 second.


Move the configure functions outside the loop to shorten your loop time.

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Thanks for quick respond! Dennis!


I did what you told me to convert the dynamic data to waveform data and the delta X does change.

but one thing I'm not sure how to do is about move the configure out of the loop because I move the switch's configure out of the loop and it doesnt really change the speed too much,  so do I need to move the DMM configure? if so, how can move that two out of the loop since I'm measure two position.

Is that any way can faster the speed?  such as measure each resistance in 0.1 sec and no time gap between two measurement.


Thanks again!! I know I might ask some "stupid" questions but I'm really appreciated your help. 

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Yes, I would move the DMM configure/start/stop, etc. out of the loop as well.

Message Edited by Dennis Knutson on 01-04-2010 02:46 PM
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