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Where can you get other models of sample matrices for Switch Executive?

I want to set up my test system with a PXI 2532 matrix configured in a 4 X 64 2-wire state. I am looking for a sample matrix to be used in switch executive so I can begin my layout with out having the card in hand. This will also help me evaluate the PXI 2532 card for my application. Where might I find such a sample matrix?
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In order to use the PXI-2532 in Switch Executive, you will need to have Switch Executive 2.0 and NI-Switch 2.3.
To simulate a switch in Switch Executive follow the instructions in this kowledge base:
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Hi Will,

The best way to do it is to add an IVI switch driver session (simulated) that represents the PXI-2532.

You can do this as follows:
1) Open MAX
2) Expand IVI Drivers
3) Right-click on Driver Sessions and "Create New"
4) In the General tab the first two checkboxes should be enabled (Cache, Range Check).
5) Simulate With should be set to "Specific Driver"
6) Driver Setup should have the following topology string:
"topology: 2532/2-Wire 4x64 Matrix"

NOTE: You can get the topology string from the NI Switches Help under Devices>>NI PXI-2532.

7) Select the Software tab and select "niSwitch" as the Software Module.

At this point, we've created a driver session. However we still need to create a logical name and point that logical name to the driver session. The logical name will point to any driver session you want. Therefore, you can develop right now with the driver session pointing to the simulated driver session and then when you actually get the hardware and install it, you can point the exact same logical name to the new hardware driver session that gets installed automatically (usually Dev_#).

😎 Right-click on Logical Names and "Create New".
9) Give it a name such as 2532Matrix1 or something you want it to be named as.
10) Point it to the Driver Session you just created. As mentioned above, you can point it to the actual hardware session when you install it and continue working with your Switch Executive configuration with no problems.

So the instructions above can apply to simulate and add a IVI switch for any NI switch. You just need the topology string from the help file.

Just in case, I will attach my IVI configuration as an example. You shouldn't need it if you do the above. It is an alternative to creating your own IVI driver sessions. Also, when you do this, you will lose your current IVI session. That is why we rename the old session so you can get it back. What you will want to do with this is the following:

1) Rename the file C:\Program Files\IVI\Data\IviConfigurationStore.xml to C:\Program Files\IVI\Data\IviConfigurationStore.xml.old. This way you can return to your original state at a later time.
2) Copy the included file IviConfigurationStore.xml to the directory C:\Program Files\IVI\Data\
3) This adds all the simulated IVI switch devices to your IVI devices. You could also roll-back to your previous setup by restoring your �old� IVIConfigurationStore file.

That should do the trick. Have a good day.

Ron Harrison
Product Marketing Engineer
NI Switch Executive - NI TestStand
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I followed the above instructions, both sets, and I get the following error. Any idea why?
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Hi Will,

I believe support for that topology was just added in NI-Switch v2.3. I believe you will get that error if you are using a previous version of the driver.

Check in MAX under the software tab to see what version of NI-Switch you have. If yours is older, you can download the latest at ni.com/download.

Hope that helps.

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I get a similar error using the 2532 when trying to use the IviSwtch_InitWithOptions function, both from LabVIEW 7.1 and also CVI 7.0. Here's my options string for the IviSwtch_InitWithOptions function: "Simulate=0,RangeCheck=1,DriverSetup=topology: 2532/1-Wire 4x128 Matrix"

The error I get is xBFFA400C (Topology not supported). I'm using NI-Switch 2.30.49153. Is my options string correct?
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Make sure you are pointing to the correct device in your IVI configuration. If the hardware is present it should be something like "PXI1Slot3".
Also you have the driver you should not need to use the init with option. Init should be sufficient.
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Thanks Guy. That was it. I had been using the "PXI2::9::INSTR" format as the resource descriptor.
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I have simulated PXI-2570 and PXI-2576 which we ordered for our new project. It will take few weeks to reach here. I have done all the routings with simulated one. Is it possible to copy the configured and saved routes to that PXI's MAX? If yes, what I need to do?


Sanad MM

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Sanad MM:

To deploy an NI Switch Executive configuration:

There are two different configuration files that need to be exported from the development computer to all target computers: the IVI configuration and the NI Switch Executive configuration.

To export the IVI configuration, copy IVIConfigurationStore.xml from the folder C:\Program Files\IVI\Data on the development computer to the target computer. 

To export the NI Switch Executive configuration, right-click the Virtual Device in Measurement and Automation Explorer you want to export and select Export.  Once the Switch Executive configuration file is copied to the target machine, simply create a new Virtual Device and point to the configuration file.

These instructions were taken from http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/5809.


After following the above steps, you'll need to make the NI Switch Executive configuration use the real hardware devices instead of the simulated ones.  To do this, just make the real hardware's logical names in the MAX IVI provider to the simulated device names you orignally used in the Switch Executive configuration.

Simulated Names                 Real Names

PXI1Slot2_ivi                         Dev1_ivi     -> PXI1Slot2_ivi

PXI1Slot3_ivi                         Dev2_ivi     -> PXI1Slot3_ivi


If you don't like the original simulated names, then to get NI Switch Executive to use new IVI Names requires using the Excel import export examples and changing the names in Excel:

You can export a new configuration to an Excel worksheet using the GenerateExcelReport.xls example.  Once you’ve finished entering all desired aliases, hardwires, routes, route groups, etc. you can import the completed Virtual Device using the ImportFromExcel.xls example.  Both of these Excel examples are installed with Switch Executive and can be found in the following directory: Start>>All Programs>>National Instruments>>Switch Executive>>Examples>>Excel

Again, these instructions were taken from http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/5809.


I hope this helps you,



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